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Spring holds a special place in Minnesotans’ hearts. After a long, cold winter filled with dark mornings, heavy meals, and extra socks, there’s something magical about the first whisper of warm air, the first green peek of tulips through the melting snow. There’s a freshness that permeates the air and flutters into our kitchens, like opening the curtains after a long winter’s nap.

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As we created these recipes, we wanted to capture that very essence of spring — bright, fresh, and bursting with colors. Bring on the green! Our content team gathered the best of the season: baby greens, pungent spring herbs, berries, lemons, and of course, fresh rhubarb — the springtime gem of the Midwest. The flavors dance together and awaken our taste buds, from bright, herbaceous chimichurri to light, airy lemon crêpes. Neil says, “What grows together goes together.” Nature makes our job simple.

However, with that said, we live in Minnesota. Whomp whomp. Chances are, even though the calendar says spring, Mother Nature has yet again hit the snooze button. You’ll see this reflected in our recipes, as well — inspiration based on necessity. We pair all these wonderful spring ingredients with the very best of late winter, bridging the gap between seasons with hope for good weather to come. Rather Mary Tyler Moore of us, don’t you think? You can taste the optimism in every bite.